Check-In Night 2018

Check-In for Pegasus Cup for Youngers  and Olders  weekends will be held at

Radisson Hotel San Diego-Rancho Bernardo
 11520 W. Bernardo Ct. San Diego, CA 92127.

We will be located in the Rotunda Room 

Check-In for the younger ages (2006-2010) will be held on June 15th, 6pm to 9pm.
Check-In for older ages (2000-2005) will be held on June 22nd, 6pm to 9pm .




You can add or delete players from your application until Wednesday morning (June 13) for youngers and Wednesday afternoon (June 20) for olders).

This is when gamecards are printed. If you have a change to your roster after these nights, please make them on the night of Check-In. Changes made on your roster on line after Wednesday night will not appear on your gamecards. Please fill out the team info sheet. This form needs to be printed, filled out, and brought with you to registration. There will be no additions to the team roster after the team has checked in on Friday.
The Pegasus Cup team looks forward to assisting and facilitating the process. Food and drinks will be served by one of your sponsors, Daphne's. 
If you will be late to Check-In or have any questions, please contact Lorien Hayes at
What to Bring:
Teams must be affiliated with the USYSA and players must have their current 2017-2018 or your new 2018-2019 USYSA player passes or equivalent National Association and their 2018-2019 registration form. Please make sure you have signed up your team for the Pegasus Cup in the correct age group. If you unsure of what age you are in, please check with your club registrar or coach. It is your responsibility to register your team in the proper age group. If you have not received your 2018-2019 cards yet, you will be able to use your 2017-2018 cards.
To make your registration process move quickly, please be sure your teams player’s cards match their medical release form in name and birth date.
Unlimited loan players will be permitted with a maximum:
U9-U10  Teams may register a maximum of fourteen (14) players
U11-U14 Teams may register a maximum of eighteen (18) players
U15-U19 Teams may register a maximum of twenty-two (22) players Only maximum of eighteen (18) eligible per game.
Loan players must be current USYSA/USSF or National equivalent players and can only play for one team in the Pegasus Cup. In addition the team’s USYSA/USSF permission to travel must denote the proper team type.
Proper player identification cards, medical release forms and the appropriate authorized travel papers for teams affiliated with USYS state association other than Cal South with the National / State approved rosters attached are required.
US Club Soccer teams do not need to provide travel papers. All US Club Soccer teams need to present are Medical release forms. All teams must be affiliated with FIFA and /or USSF and players and coaches must have laminated cards.
Laminated player and coach/manager registration cards only authorized by State/ Provincial or National Association will be required as proof of age.
AYSO Teams must have a Team Roster for Travel and Application for Travel filled out and have proper signatures from your AYSO leaders. You will find copies of these forms under the Accepted Team Packet on the home page of your website.
Please make sure you have 2018-2019 players/coach/manager cards laminated. If your team has not received their 2018-2019 cards by tournament time, your team can use their 2017-2018 players cards and summer tournament cards.Also be prepared to check your final Team Roster on your game cards at registration.
For teams traveling from outside of San Diego County and staying in a hotel, please view our Hotel webpage and contact Kimberly Hubbard with San Diego Concierge. She can be contacted via phone at 800-979-9091 x 3 or via email at
We look forward to seeing you in another exciting Pegasus Cup.



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